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Selasa, 31 Mei 2011


Asparagus memanglah sejenis sayur, tetapi The Asparagus merupakan sebuah band yang telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 2007.

The Asparagus terdiri daripada beberapa orang anak muda dari kalangan pekerja kolar putih.

The Asparagus dianggotai oleh 5 orang ahli tetap dan beberapa orang ahli jemputan.

Bersama ahli jemputan, I-Sss

Bersama ahli Jemputan, I-Nas dan I-Der

Bersama ahli jemputan, I-Wea

The Asparagus telah menghasilkan satu album debut kemunculan mereka yang bertajuk "Joget Pantai Irama".

Album "Joget Pantai Irama" mengandungi 13 buah lagu yang mengetengahkan irama pop kontemporari.

Oh, terlupa untuk memberitahu anda semua satu perkara penting!

The Asparagus sebenarnya merupakan sebuah band miming. Itulah kepakaran mereka.

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011


Have you ever heard about time travelling? About people who can travel into the past and the future? I bet you may get to know that from movies or story books. So do I. From my reading based on certain comics and my viewing when watching movies, I want to share two significant theories about the time in our life.

First theory is about Parallel Worlds. People always say that the choice we made for today will affect our destined future. For example, if we study hard today, in the future we will be a genius among the academicians. If we are lazy to study for today, in the future we will be a beggar. Those are two choices for two possible future. How about we add more choices in our life? For example, if we study hard in Science for today, in the future we will be a great scientist like Albert Einstein. If we study study hard in Literature for today, we will be a great poet like William Shakespeare. Sum all the choices and possible future, we have four choices and possible future. Those four choices and possible future will exist separately from each other in their own world, but occur in the same range of time of our life. That are what we called as parallel worlds.

The second theory will be different than the first theory. People always believe that we can change the future if we change the past. But this second theory denies that statement. I may call this theory as Destined Destiny. This theory stated that whatever path we choose for now will lead us to the same destined future of ours. For example, whether we are studying hard for Mathematics or History for today, in the future we still be a teacher. Second example, whether Lisa is married with John or Matthew today, in the future she still has a son named Alfred.

Unfortunately, both of the theories are just theories. Until now, there is no evidence to prove both theories.

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011


Disclaimer: I made this entry as an answer towards a blog post, which I took its title, change the pronoun, and put it on for this entry.


"How do we know that we have moved from the past?"

In the first place, we need to know why we have to move on from our past? For sure, it must be because we faced failures and unwanted events that later lead us to make changes in our life. That is the actual need of moving on from our past.

"Moving on from our past" is actually a resolution that has been created by ourselves in order to have a brighter and hopeful future. The most popular thing done by most people to achieve such resolution is "forgetting". Yes. We forget the regret things happened in our past. But, is it really effective? I mean, do we really forget about it? I would say no, because as we try to forget, our brain will act to give us a contradict result. It is not easy for us to forget then.

That is why later, we tend to ask ourselves whether we are moving on or not. We will have doubts and we cannot be sure if we are completely moving on. Even worst, we may realize that we are just lying to ourselves. So, how do we know that we have moved on from the past?

"If we are able to live a completely different lifestyle from what we ever had previously, then it shows that we have moved on from our past." - This is what I think.

Sabtu, 7 Mei 2011


Hapus air matamu dan jangan bersedih
Aku di sini menemanimu melukis hari
Hapus air matamu dan jangan bersedih
Aku di sini menemanimu melukis hari

Mentari pagi bawakan embun sejukkan hati
Aku di sini menatap engkau menangis sepi

Oh sepi, sepiku
Janganlah bersedih hati


Kau yang jauh akan pergi
Yang berkongsi sama rasa hati
Yang fahami diri selama ini
Tolong, jaga diri walau di tempat sendiri.

Kita hidup di zaman teknologi
Tapi berjumpa jarang sekali
Ini sahaja cara yang tersendiri
Dengarkanlah puisi inspirasi lagu sepi.

Lagu sepi lagu yang membayangi
Waktu aku pasang lagu ini
Sambil mata ini aku tutupi
Wajahmu muncul dalam memori.

Lagu sepi lagu yang dihayati
Lambang pesanan daripada diri
Sebagai penyampai maksud hati
Yang sebenarnya ingin melindungi.

Jangan sentiasa bersedih hati
Jangan risau, akan ada yang mengubati hati
Yang membuka mata supaya berkenan di hati
Yang baik pasti menemani.

Jika diri sepi, ingat siapa yang ada di sisi
Dunia belum kiamat lagi
Hidup belum tamat lagi
Semoga kau ketemu kebahagiaan yang dicari.

Jumaat, 6 Mei 2011


This is what I wrote for my assignment. This writing shows how much I like the story. For more info on "Children of Heaven", click here.


“Children of Heaven” is an Iranian film written and directed by Majid Majidi. The story deals with a brother and sister of a hardship family and their conflicts over a lost pair of shoes. It is a wonderful story that can touch the heart of its viewers and it has a meaningful scope of children’s life which adults need to ponder. There are three important questions that I can think about and able to answer based on the story.

For the first question, what is the main focus that Majid Majidi wanted to tell to the viewers throughout the story? Adults around us often said that it is lucky to be like children as they will not have any difficulties or worries that they need to think about. But Majid Majidi actually wants to tell the viewers, especially adult, that children’s life has no big differences with the adults’ life. If adults often think that they have big responsibilities which they need to fulfil for their work, family, and society, the children actually have the similar big responsibilities.

Majid Majidi has set an example of big responsibilities of the children through the life of the main character, Ali. Ali is the first child of the family who has big responsibilities for his family, education, and everything that comes around him. Based on the story, we can see that Ali lives in a hardship family. He needs to take care of the family when his father goes for working, as his mother has her own illness and she cannot do any house chores according to the advice of the doctor. Ali has his own tasks to buy groceries and supervise his sister to take care of their youngest sibling. He has a school to attend and the responsibility to perform well in his studies and discipline that he need to consider. He also has the responsibility to maintain the harmony of the family, as shown in the story that he tries to please her sister from telling the parents about the losing of her shoes. If the issue of losing shoes rises in the family, the father will be angry and beat his children and the mother’s sickness can be worsen. As for the most crucial part of the story, Ali has a great realization that he needs to be responsible of his mistake for losing his sister’s shoes. We can see that all responsibilities which come around Ali build his life’s development throughout the story.

For the second question, what is the role of adults in the story? The role of adults in the story is to give an enough trust, help, and support for the children. Adults often think that their roles towards children are determined by their sole relationship of parents towards the children or teacher towards students. Because of that kind of thinking, most parents think that they have done enough responsibility to just give their children to eat everyday, while the teachers just go to the school and teach students, and then punish them if they disobey without considering the truth behind the children’s behaviour. In fact, the story “Children of Heaven” actually wants to suggest that adults should play their roles towards the children as the individuals who provide helps and supports for the younger human beings who try to prove themselves worth and need a guidance to face the problems in this world.

There are four good examples for this suggestion. The first example occurs when Ali’s shoes worn by Zahra falls into the drain. When Zahra fails to get back the shoes from the drain, a middle age man comes to help her even he does not know Zahra and she does not ask for his help. The second example occurs when the Ali’s classroom teacher helps him from being punished by the discipline teacher. Ali’s classroom teacher sees him as a good and brilliant boy as he should not get a heavy punishment. The third example occurs when Ali and his father goes around rich people’s house in order to get a job for gardening. Ali’s father fails to interact in offering his job but after several failures, Ali helps his father to give the suitable words for the job offer. Ali’s father proud of him and praises him. The fourth example occurs when Ali wants to enter the long-endurance run contest. The sports teacher in-charge resists in accepting Ali’s request but as he sees Ali is very determined for it, he gives Ali the chance to enter the contest.

For the third question, what is the significant of the title “Children of Heaven”? The “children” is simply referring to Ali and Zahra, who are the main children shown in the story. The story revolves around those children’s life and conflicts that they faced in their everyday’s life. Meanwhile, “Heaven” is a symbol of praise from the creator of the story towards the children like Ali and Zahra. Heaven is the most wonderful place for the people who believe in the world after death. Heaven is created by God for the people who have well behaviour and done good deeds, along with their patient towards any obstacles that occurs around them in this challenging world. Ali has done many responsibilities and good deeds in his life, and it goes same with Zahra who managed to control her anger and sadness towards her losing shoes. Both of them also actually try their best to be well-mannered to their family, friends, teachers, and society. Thus, the creator of the story may think that both children are deserved to be in heaven as it is the highest reward that can be given to them for their endurance in facing the hardship life. That is why the title of the story is “Children of Heaven”.

“Children of Heaven” is a very good story for adults who need an understanding of children’s life. The content of the story is very effective in showing obstacles that children may face in their life. It can be a suitable medium to give advice to adults who has less consideration towards children.