Pengikut Kembali Pulang

Isnin, 22 Mac 2010


Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a teenage girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was 20 years old and lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters loved her very much because she was really kind, hardworking and good in house chores. During the daytime, they would go out for gossiping with the neighbours, entertaining themselves by watching movies at the cinema or went for window shopping, while Cinderella was working to support her family. At night, all members of the family went home including Cinderella. However, Cinderella could not call it as a day because she still needed to cook and served food for her stepmother and stepsisters. That was the daily life of Cinderella.

One day, the country announced that there would be a ball for celebrating Prince Charming’s 22nd birthday. All people in the country heard about the news including Cinderella and her family. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters were very excited to attend the ball. They wanted to prepare the best dress ever for the function and for that, they needed to get more money from Cinderella.

Cinderella is a very kind person and she loves her family, so she gave more money to fulfill their wishes. Unfortunately, her kindness gave her a problem. Cinderella was running out of money to buy her own beautiful dress. In the beginning, working as a cleaner could provide enough money for her to buy the dress. However, since she gave the money to her family, she needed to think some ways to solve this problem.

Luckily, an old lady came towards Cinderella and asking if she could give her any help. Cinderella told her problem to the old lady. The old lady smiled and helped Cinderella. She offered Cinderella a part-time job in a multi-level marketing business. Cinderella was needed to provide some money to start the business and take some products of the multi-level marketing company as a package. She could have the products for her own use or sell them to other people. She was also needed to find some people to give offer to be her down lines. After doing those kind of procedures, she would get a big amount of money every month. Cinderella was putting a lot of efforts towards this part-time job and luckily in three months duration, she got thousand dollars of profits, which are obviously higher than her own salary in working as a cleaner.

And now, Cinderella was prepared to attend the ball but there was another problem came in. Cinderella’s stepmother didn't give her permission to go for the ball because she abandoned her family. Cinderella was accused for not doing house chores and not serving her family during her busy time in multi-level marketing business.

Cinderella admitted her fault but she could not accept the punishment given by her stepmother. She did not want her efforts in the previous three months to be wasted just like that, so she planned something for it. She started to dress up differently when her family left and heading to the ball. Cinderella put her beautiful dress and make-up herself as someone that could not be identified by her family. She needed to hide her real personality while attending the ball.

At the ball, all the guests were attracted to Cinderella's beauty. She was very beautiful and that made Prince Charming attracted to her as well. Prince Charming offered Cinderella a dance with him. After that, they had a wonderful moment together during the ball.

At the moment when the clock ticked at 12 a.m., Cinderella suddenly remembered that she needed to come home early rather than her family. She waved goodbye to Prince Charming and went home in a rush. Unfortunately, Cinderella didn't realize that one of her high heels was dropped in Prince Charming’s castle. Prince Charming found it and he really wanted to find the owner of the high heel.

A day after the ball, he started to seek for Cinderella through all the country. But later it was very easy for him to find Cinderella. Cinderella was very shocked because Prince Charming found her at last. She was busted for going against her stepmother’s punishment and at the same time attended the ball secretly. Cinderella asked Prince Charming why he was willing to seek for her and gave back the high heel.

Prince Charming answered, "I just want to be a responsible man by giving back this missing high heel to its real owner. That’s all. On my way to find you, I tried to match the high heel with every woman in this country. But before I could match it, no one ever admit that the high heel was belonged to them. You were the only one who admitted that smelly high heel was yours. You have such a pretty face but in contrast you have a terrible feet odours. I guess I'm not interested in you anymore."

After that, Prince Charming left Cinderella’s house. Cinderella stood static like a statue, thinking about things that had been said by Prince Charming just right now.