Pengikut Kembali Pulang

Selasa, 21 September 2010


Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived Hansel and Gretel with their father and stepmother. Their parents worked in their own bakery named No Recipe Bakery. Hansel and Gretel like to eat bread everyday. There was a time when both of them ate breads in the bakery with over quantity. Because of that, the bakery turned to have more loss than profits for the business.

One day, the stepmother made a plan to take the children to a big shopping mall and left them there to be lost, therefore with two fewer mouths to feed, she and her husband might run the business effectively. The father did not agree with the plan but he was being controlled by his wife. Meanwhile, outside from their bedroom, Hansel and Gretel overheard them. After the parents going to bed, the children took something from their drawer, which was a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation device.

On the next day, the family walked around in the big shopping mall. Right after their parents abandoned them with such a far distance, the children switched on their GPS navigation device. They returned home safely and that made such a big shock for the stepmother.

A week later, the stepmother angrily ordered her husband to take the children to a bigger shopping mall and leave them there to be lost again. However, after Hansel and Gratel were once again abandoned, they discovered that their GPS navigation device was running out of battery and they could not reach their home ever again. After several days of wandering around, they found a wonderful bakery named New Recipe Bakery. Without any hesitation, they entered the bakery and ate breads as much as they could.

The owner of New Recipe Bakery was very angry towards Hansel and Gretel. He beat up the two children and forced them to be his workers. The owner of the bakery gave Hansel and Gretel many breads to eat although he nearly treated them like servants. Such situation gave Hansel some curiosities and prejudices. Hansel started to think that there must be something fishy with the owner. He thought that the owner wanted them to be fat before he could sell them in the black market. Therefore, Hansel planned to run away from the bakery with Gretel. As they made the attempt to run, the owner of the bakery tried to catch them. Unfortunately, he slipped away and fell down the stairs in the bakery. His head was bleeding while he tried to shout out Hansel and Gretel’s name. Gretel have some sympathy towards the owner. She turned back and helped the owner.

Suddenly the owner spokes, “Hansel and Gretel, I am very sorry for treating both of you like a servant. I need to do that because I want you to know the reality of life. I want both of you know that run a business is not easy as talk and eat. I only have both of you as my children, even though we are not biologically related. I am sorry for not telling this earlier to you. I want both of you to inherit my New Recipe Bakery. I am sorry that I cannot see it grows in your hands...”

The owner died. Hansel and Gretel had nothing to say. They were in silence. They could not be really happy with the sudden event. They might get such a big wealth from the inheritance but they felt so much guilt in themselves.